My Process

My Process starts with a simple idea. From that idea it grows and develops into a concept that is then sketched out on paper. Several drafts and design changes later, I mock-up the idea to ensure the elements will work together. If they do, then on to a prototype, if they don't then back to the drawing board to re-work the sketch until all the parts come   together cohesively.

For me it's more about the practical use in everyday life, rather than having a gorgeous item that only serves one purpose, "looking good". My items are made to be carried, to be used, while looking good. This is what gives each item it's individual charm and unique character. 

The process of making a handmade leather item is painstakingly slow, as attention detail is a must! From the careful selection of the leather hide, cutting of the parts, hand dying the leather, hand stitching the parts together, sanding, burnishing, finishing the item, and finally the look on the customers face when they receive their handmade leather item. Priceless!! It makes all of the hard work worth it, and I dive right into my next project.